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What is tinyboat?

We are a digital company focused on making your business grow in all the digital spaces. We provide 24/7 online assistance for any development issues or enhancements you wish to make, from responsive web design to full online support, bug fixes, implementation of new features, mobile app development, content creation, consulting and more.

Our differential: your company is always the center of our attention, your experience and demands are custom-tailored for you.

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  • 24 hours

    24/7 Online Support

    We are always ready for you.

  • 24 hours

    Digital interface improvements

    The user experience should always come in first place for better results.

  • 24 hours

    Advanced development tools

    We work only with the best and most accessible tools available.

  • 24 hours

    Deployment and improving server infrastructure

    Implement a more modern and easy to user server infrastructure.

  • 24 hours

    CMS development

    Manage your content without any inconvenience.

  • 24 hours

    Responsive web development and design

    Fit your content on any screen.

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3 Best SEO tips for Google in 2020

Posted in Digital Marketing, SEO on Apr 02, 2020

The best SEO tips for 2020 and ahead. Learn how to optimize your website and get better SEO results.

The impact of Coronavirus on Ecommerces

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The Omnichannel strategy: why you should do it.

Posted on Jan 22, 2020


We are living in a time of complete integration. People and devices connected to bring new experiences and comfort to our everyday lives. And that’s the core of the Omnichannel strategy: it is about ...

6 tips on increasing social media engagement

Posted in Digital Marketing on Jan 16, 2020

social-media-best-content-creation-cover Content creation is very important in current days for surviving in the digital world. Texts, images, videos, infographics and so on. There are a lot of ways to create content for your audience. Howe...

The importance of making a mobile app for business

Posted in Digital Marketing, User Experience on Dec 18, 2019


The importance of mobile devices in our everyday lives and activities is forever growing. The amount of information we are ready to absorb can be accessed literally by our hands, and this information...

The best 3 tips for great email marketing results

Posted in Digital Marketing on Nov 28, 2019


Email marketing can be a powerful tool for positive results. But it is not that simple - since it is very common to receive an email that is immediately deleted, marked as spam or ignored altogether....

5 ways to improve your website and gain more traffic

Posted in Digital Marketing, SEO, User Experience on Sep 19, 2019


Every business owner, marketer or salesman wants more customers. And in the digital world, it is not different. Customers come as traffic and your business place is your website. And your shop must b...

Why SEO matters for your business

Posted in Digital Marketing on Apr 18, 2019


Does every company need SEO? Can your business survive without it, or do you really need to invest a good amount in this field? What even is SEO? Those questions - and others - will be answered here....

The basics of digital marketing for your business

Posted in Digital Marketing, User Experience on Mar 19, 2019

tinyboat-digital-marketing-london With the rapid evolution of modern technologies, small, medium and large businesses are doing everything they can to keep up. We all need to be alert and prepared to adapt for the present and future....

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