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Your digital business will always need constant improvements and tweaks to be on top and stay relevant. To achieve this, you will need a full team of experts dedicated to make your business a priority. This is what our membership offers you: a team at your disposal, ready to improve your website, content, SEO, and more. All of that powered by our exclusive tool that you will be able to always know which tasks are being done and the right schedule.

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Who are we?

Great development team.

Who are we?

We are a digital company focused on making your business grow in all the digital spaces. We provide 24/7 online assistance for any development issues or enhancements you wish to make. Our differential: your company is always the center of our attention.

We are the engine that navigates this Tinyboat forward. We are your lifesaving boat!

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What is tinyboat?

Technology has evolved in everywhere. All of this evolution is present in our lives every day, in ways you might not even notice, especially on the digital space - or as we prefer to call it: the digital sea.

Tinyboat is a guide on this sea. From responsive web design to full online support, bug fixes, implementation of new features, mobile app development, content creation, consulting and more.

Our ultimate goal is to be your lifesaving boat on this huge digital ocean.

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    24/7 Online Support

    We are always ready for you.

  • 24 hours

    Digital interface improvements

    The user experience should always come in first place for better results.

  • 24 hours

    Advanced development tools

    We work only with the best and most accessible tools available.

  • 24 hours

    Deployment and improving server infrastructure

    Implement a more modern and easy to user server infrastructure.

  • 24 hours

    CMS development

    Manage your content without any inconvenience.

  • 24 hours

    Responsive web development and design

    Fit your content on any screen.

Our projects

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Our projects

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The Omnichannel strategy: why you should do it.

Posted on Jun 28, 2019


We are living in a time of complete integration. People and devices connected to bring new experiences and comfort to our everyday lives. And that’s the core of the Omnichannel strategy: it is about sales channel and communication integration to provide easier options to the consumer.

This is very important nowadays because it is more complex than ever. In the past, you just needed to get one great connection, like a telephonic service, to be more present and make more sales. This isn’t enough anymore. All the strategy needs to be focused on the online and offline channels, being on mobile c...

7 Great SEO Tools for the best optimisation

Posted in SEO on Sep 11, 2018


Doing a great SEO optimisation can be hard, especially if you are not familiarised with all the techniques. But it is essential to keep improving your website’s SEO to be always relevant to the search engines. And to accomplish that, you will need a least one tool to truly master all the ins and outs of optimisation. That’s why we listed some of the best and most useful tools, used by experts, for you to make quicker improvements!

1 - SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the favourites among the SEO community. It can easily show your rankings, changes over time, opportunities, keywords, backlinks, etc. ...

6 tips on increasing social media engagement

Posted in Digital Marketing on Aug 14, 2018

social-media-best-content-creation-cover Content creation is very important in current days for surviving in the digital world. Texts, images, videos, infographics and so on. There are a lot of ways to create content for your audience. However, creating content is only the beginning - content without purpose won’t be effective. It must be engaging. It is the driving force that will make your brand more relevant, bringing more leads, sales and traffic. But how to make highly engaging content? Don’t worry: there are some great tips we have selected to make your content be more consumed, as you can see below.

1 - Cause emotion.

Well, t...

The importance of making a mobile app for business

Posted in Digital Marketing, User Experience on Aug 07, 2018


The importance of mobile devices in our everyday lives and activities is forever growing. The amount of information we are ready to absorb can be accessed literally by our hands, and this information has become essential to our lives, from a personal lifestyle to a business management point of view. The progress of mobile technology reached remarkable innovation and new experiences for the everyday user. One of those is the development of mobile applications - mobile apps - that most of the times are crucial in executing tasks without wasting any time. And your business can benefit by having ...

The best 3 tips for great email marketing results

Posted in Digital Marketing on Aug 01, 2018


Email marketing can be a powerful tool for positive results. But it is not that simple - since it is very common to receive an email that is immediately deleted, marked as spam or ignored altogether. As a business, you need to lessen this effect and determine why and how to overcome this and make the email marketing work in your favour.

Some businesses neglect the power of email marketing. This happens because most companies fail to see any positive results with their efforts - however, they also don’t see their own mistakes or shortcomings. An email marketing needs to have value, it has to ...

5 ways to improve your website and gain more traffic

Posted in Digital Marketing, SEO, User Experience on Jul 24, 2018


Every business owner, marketer or salesman wants more customers. And in the digital world, it is not different. Customers come as traffic and your business place is your website. And your shop must be a comfortable place for the customer to become a real client and buy your product. This is why every website should have some basic features for a better user experience, resulting in the increase of traffic. And why not start now? We have 5 great tips to improve your website now!

1 - Improve website navigation

Great navigation is key for the user. They need to easily browse and find whatever th...

Why SEO matters for your business

Posted in Digital Marketing on Jul 17, 2018


Does every company need SEO? Can your business survive without it, or do you really need to invest a good amount in this field? What even is SEO? Those questions - and others - will be answered here. The following will inform you why Business SEO is so vital.

How does SEO for my business work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it consists in techniques that will make your website/content be better ranked by the search engine (Google being the most important and biggest). There are many actions and strategies that will improve your website’s position and they are categorised in tw...

The basics of digital marketing for your business

Posted in Digital Marketing, User Experience on Jul 10, 2018

tinyboat-digital-marketing-london With the rapid evolution of modern technologies, small, medium and large businesses are doing everything they can to keep up. We all need to be alert and prepared to adapt for the present and future. Business’ models are becoming more and more online, integrating with social media, search engines and much more. But to be really effective, your company must have digital marketing strategies to apply and increase the lucrative potential of the online sea. And the best of it all: digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, with better result tracking (and real time results a lot of ...

Improving your business with better web design, user experience and SEO

Posted in SEO, User Experience on Jul 03, 2018

The market is always evolving and becoming more competitive, day by day. And it can be hard to be ahead of the competition in this everyday struggle to be a top player. However, there are many ways to gain traction by focusing in your business digital presence. Relevant content, website optimisation, more user friendlier experiences and many others adjustments can be made to make your business shine through the competition. And we at TinyBoat can help you make your business progress.

Making a responsive website for your business

What is the importance of a responsive website? In this day and ...

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